Designs for bulk temporary tattoo orders must be provided by the client. The Random Club does not provide design services. By default, bulk custom orders are cut by their rectangular/square sizes and will be consolidated into one packaging with 1 or more instruction sheets.

Size 1: 100 cm² & Smaller

Minimum QuantityPrice per cm²
200 – 999 pcs.P3.00 per cm²
1000 – 4999 pcs.P2.50 per cm²
5000+ pcs.P2.00 per cm²

If you can’t reach our minimum quantity, you may check out our custom tattoo sheets. Our largest sheet can fit a good number of small designs!

Size 2: Larger than 100 cm²

Minimum QuantityPrice per cm²
50 – 99 pcs.P1.30 per cm²
100 – 999 pcs.P1.25 per cm²
1000+ pcs.P1.20 per cm²

Prices can be negotiable depending on the other order requirements.

How size (area) is computed

The size is computed by measuring the length and width of your design in centimeters (cm) and computing the area.

For example, the design above has a length of 3cm and width of 3cm. The total area is 9 cm² and will fall under the Size 1 pricing.

Design Limitations

  1. We cannot accommodate designs bigger than 19 x 27cm.
  2. We cannot print white ink. The white areas of your design will be transparent. Lighter colors (especially yellow) will look faint on the skin.
  3. We cannot print gold, silver, or any metallic ink.
  4. If you’re not sure of the exact size of your design, just tell us your desired longest width and we will compute the exact area for you.


By default, the tattoos will be cut into squares or rectangles and you will have to cut the tattoo before applying it on the skin. This is needed because the sheen of the white area will be slightly visible and will look unnatural.

Outline Cut Add-On – One straight cut only

Tattoo SizePrice
Less than 10 cm²P2.00 per pc.
10 cm² – 100 cm²P3.00 per pc.
Larger than 100 cm²P4.00 per pc.

Individual Packaging & Instructions

This will depend on your order requirements. By default, bulk custom orders will be consolidated into one packaging with 1 or more instruction sheets. Please indicate in the order form if you wish to have them individually packed with or without instruction sheets. We have pre-made instruction sheets in limited sizes but you may also request to have your own logo printed at an additional cost.

Once you have decided to order, kindly email with the following details so we can draft you a quotation & lead time:
  1. Tattoo Design/s and actual size of each design (or size of each design’s longest width). If you have multiple designs, please send them in separate images and name them accordingly.
  2. Quantity of each design
  3. Will you be purchasing our Outline Cut add-on?
  4. Target date you need to receive the tatts
  5. Acknowledgment that you have read and understood our terms and conditions below. (Please read them before emailing us!)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Regular shipping for the final delivery of completed orders is FREE. All items will be dispatched from Quezon City so take note of delivery times. If client wishes to have deliveries prior to the final delivery (eg. samples, split deliveries, etc), they must shoulder the delivery fee.
  2. Final artwork will be provided by the client. Price per tattoo will depend on the size of the design.
  3. We will only allow up to 5 designs per Minimum Order.
  4. Final design must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the target date to give enough time for production. Orders above 1000+ pcs might need at least 1 month lead time.
  5. If you need your order in less than 2 weeks, a P650 or 5% rush fee of the total tattoo order whichever is higher will apply. Please inquire first if your order is eligible for rush production.
  6. Production time for the tattoos (rush or no rush) will depend on the availability of the materials as well as the schedule of our team. It is best that the client email us beforehand to see if we can produce and dispatch the orders on time.
  7. Orders worth under P10,000 must be paid in FULL before the production phase. Once the production phase has started, the payment is non-refundable.
  8. For orders worth more than P10,000, at least 50% downpayment must be made before the production phase. The remaining balance must be paid before delivery/dispatch. Once the production phase has started, the downpayment is non-refundable.
  10. We strictly do not provide any samples. If you want to test your design, kindly try ordering custom tattoos from our website.
  11. Once production has started, the client cannot reduce the order quantity or make changes to the design submitted.
  12. TRC is not liable for any delays caused by late submission of final artwork, late payments, and late decisions made by the client.
  13. TRC is also not liable for delays caused by the courier since this is already out of our control.
  14. TRC is not liable for pixelated prints due to low-resolution images sent by the client.
  15. Bulk discount cannot be combined with other TRC promotions.
  16. Prices and terms may change without prior notice.
  17. We can only provide a scanned copy of our Official Receipt upon request. If you wish to have a digital scanned copy of our OR, there will be an additional 12% VAT on your total order. If you wish to have the physical copy of the OR, you must pay the delivery fee from Cebu.