Please only fill up this form once you have paid your Shopee Order. Unpaid orders will not be processed. Please read our guidelines properly. We are not liable for any problems due to failure of customer to read our guidelines.

Guidelines for file uploads:

  • Our uploader can only accept png, jpg, and pdf files.
  • Layout your design/s on the size you ordered. We suggest that you layout your design on your favorite image editor beforehand. (Adobe, Affinity Designer, etc. A good free online tool is Canva.)
  • We don’t offer layouting services. Uploaded designs will be printed as-is. There might be slight color differences since actual printed colors may be different from what you see on-screen.
  • Please make sure that the resolution of your image is high (ideally 300dpi). We won’t be liable for pixelated images due to low-resolution files.
  • Black & white designs and dark colors work best as temporary tattoos. White areas will show as transparent and light colors will look faint when applied to skin. We cannot print gold/metallic tattoos.
  • Make sure to leave enough space in between designs so it won’t be hard to cut around them.
  • Make sure that you have permission to use the design you want to be printed. By purchasing this item, you agree that you have the rights to use the design that we will be printing.
  • The actual tattoo/s will be inverted. It will show properly when correctly applied to the skin.
  • To reduce our plastic usage, we will combine all tattoo orders into one sheet and packaging. If you have multiple orders and you want the sheets individually packed, please add a note on the cart page indicating so.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on Shopee or contact page.

Once you’re ready, please fill up the form below:

Your Design Details:
After uploading your designs, kindly provide us the details of each design in the format below. Make sure the size and quantity matches your order on Shopee.

File/Image Name - Size - Order Quantity
Example: Fruit Designs - 13x19cm - 2 Orders